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Matthew Vollmer

Comecei a praticar o Ashtanga em 1993 quando, por coincidência, me deparei com uma pessoa praticando graciosamente o que eu hoje conheço por primeira serie do Astanga yoga. A atração foi muito forte…Assisti à prática toda e no dia seguinte fui procurar um professor.

Desde então fui afortunado o suficiente para passar muitos anos na Índia, tanto viajando como também estudando com meu mestre Sri K. Pattabhi Jois e seu neto Sharath Rangaswamy em Mysore. Fui abençoado e autorizado a lecionar por Pattabhi Jois em julho de 2003 e assumi o compromisso de manter a pureza e a simplicidade daquilo que me ensinaram por respeito à sabedoria e à generosidade de meus professores.

Sou dedicado à essa prática porque em dias favoráveis eu sinto como se estivesse desaparecendo ao me mover internamente do movimento exterior para uma quietude interior que me nutre. Isso me ajuda a enfrentar o dia-a-dia e me proporciona um melhor auto-conhecimento.

Vim para o Brasil para dividir essa prática poderosa à qual devo tanto. Quero ajudar a divulgar o Ashtanga no Brasil para que assim as pessoas se transformem, assim como eu tenho me transformado.

Carla Vollmer

Conheci o Ashtanga trabalhando no Practice Place em Creta em 1998. Desde lá tenho praticado diariamente. Ashtanga é uma prática incrível que me traz novos ensinamentos ano após ano. A observação diária em cima do tapetinho me transformou ao longo dos anos. Através do ashtanga cheguei à meditação, que me trouxe transformações ainda mais profundas. A prática diária de meditação também faz parte do meu dia-a-dia.

Além das aulas de ashtanga trabalho também com yoga e meditação para crianças na escola. A idéia é passar para as crianças uma noção da sua própria respiração, além da consciencia do aqui e agora.

É uma alegria acompanhar o Matthew em seus workshop ensinando ashtanga e mais consciencia a tantas pessoas queridas.

Matthew & Carla Vollmer


“Our awareness is the only thing we can take with us when we die.”

David Frawley


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No regular classes at the moment

After five years building up a wonderful Shala in Berlin we took the decision to come back to Brasil. During this transitional period we took the chance to travel a bit around Latin America with our children. That is why we won’t offer regular classes between August and December 2017. We have nonetheless organised a few workshops for this time and you can participate and see us in Buenos Aires, Pucón or Santiago de Chile during this semester. We will end the trip with the traditional annual workshop in Santo André, Bahia.

The plan after that is to set foot in Alto Paraíso de Goiás where we have ideas of combining ashtanga yoga practices with agroforesting. We are excited about this new venture and will be very attentive as to how this idea may unfold slowly in our lives, prioritising the wellbeing of our two children. We hope many people may benefit from this new project.

Moon calendar 2017

Acording to hindu tradition, the day only starts with the rising of the sun. That is the reason why a full or new moon that reaches it’s climax after midnight, but before sunrise, will appear on the day before.

August September October November December
FULL moon 7/Monday 6/Wednesday 5/Thursday 4Saturday 3/Sunday
NEW moon 21/Monday 20/Wednesday 19/Thursday 18/Saturday 18/Monday

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive


24th of December 2017 to 26th of January of 2018


Classes will start at 7am and depending on the number of participants we will have two or three different starting times. There will be a maximum of 36 students practicing daily so please understand that places are limited.
Those who stay longer and sign up earlier will get priority for the first practice times. There will be chanting of Patanjali’s yoga sutra and meditation in the late afternoon.


Classes will be taught at Ponta de Santo André. Located in the middle of the village, it is very easy to find. Just ask.

What to take

Yoga mat and towel for adjustments. If possible, take a cotton mat as you will probably sweat abundantly at this time of year.

How to get there


From Porto Seguro take a bus to the ferry in Santa Cruz Cabrália. If you prefer, you can arrange a taxi straight to your pousada or house. From where the ferry arrives it is another 2 km to the village of Santo André.

Where to stay

For accomodation, visit the site:
We’ve also put together a list with some options:


You can start on any day of the week, but our rest day is Saturday and our weeks start on Sundays, so it is best to start on a Sunday.
Please note: The minimum stay is two weeks.

2 weeks…………R$ 820
3 weeks…………R$ 1080
4 weeks…………R$ 1250
5 weeks…………R$ 1400
additional classes: R$ 80 each


You can pay on arrival in brazilian reais (no cheques please).
Please note we do NOT accept euros or dollars.


To sign up, please send us an email with your name, your city and country of residence, dates of first and last practice with us.

Ponderosa | Stolzenhagen

14-16 of July 2017

There will be a welcome class on Friday evening.

We will have morning Ashtanga Mysore Style practices on both Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon there will be a “clinic class” where we can explore technical questions, including ways to approach and develop the movements and postures of the practice. This will be followed by chanting of the yoga sutra of Patanjali and an introduction to the meaning of parts of the sutra.

On Sunday we will chant the yoga sutra before lunch.

There will also be plenty of free time to rest, relax and enjoy the sauna and surrounding area.

Check out the location: Ponderosa

What to take

Yoga mat and towel for adjustments.

Tents and sleeping bags if you want to camp.


We still don’t have the correct prices but should be around 200 euros.
We will be staying in the Seminarhaus Taubenblau just around the corner from Ponderosa. This place has been newly refurbished and looks beautiful.
The yoga classes will take place at Ponderosa rooms.
Includes yoga, food and accommodation.


Please check with us to see if your desired accommodation is available.
Just send an email to or use the form below.

We will arrange payment schemes shortly..

IBAN DE87 1007 0024 0750 0887 00
Payment Reference: Ponderosa, your name, your accommodation type

Pucón | Chile

4-10 of November 2017

We are happy to announce a workshop in Pucón, a stunning place in the south of Chile.

In this weeklong workshop we will be practicing Mysore Style ashtanga yoga every morning under the guidance of both Matthew and Carla.

Matthew will also give some afternoon theory classes and Yoga Sutras. We will still leave some time for us to explore the beautiful surroundings and waterfalls, and if the group is up for it, we will arrange some walks together.

The food in Gaia Sur is amazing and cooked with much love, mainly with ingredients from their own garden.

The workshop will take place from 4th till the 10th of November 2017,
a very lush time in Pucón. The location is called Gaia Sur and stands amidst stunning nature, waterfalls and has a beautiful view to the vulcano Villarica, which glows at certain times of the day. You can get there by plane to Temuco, from where we will be able to arrange a transfer directly to Gaia Sur.

We are really looking forward to going back to this beautiful place on Earth. If you are interested just write us an email. Keep in mind that there are only 20 places.

What to take

Yoga mat and towel for adjustments.


The cost of the workshop with all meals, accommodation and yoga included
will be 780 dollars.


If you are interested send us an email. Depending on the country you are living in we will organize the best way for you to make a deposit, avoiding international bank transfers.

Note: The spaces to do only the workshop without staying at Gaia Sur are filled.

Buenos Aires Workshop

October 1st to 13th, 2017


Pucon Workshop, Chile

November 4th to 10th, 2017
Wonderful place, don’t miss out!
To sign up please send an email to

Santiago de Chile Workshop

November 18th to 24th, 2017

Ponderosa Weekend Berlin

14-16th of July 2017

or send an email to

Santo André workshop

24th of December 2017 to 26th of January 2018


Astanga Yoga oficial site with all the necessary information about astanga yoga, info about Mysore and Astanga teachers all over the world.

Astanga Yoga teachers around Brazil:

Astanga Yoga with Regina Ehlers

where we practiced for many years.

Vipassana meditation as taught by Goenka

Mindfulness with Thich Nhat Hahn


Chanted by Dr M. A. Jayashree

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